“Efe is the only winner of BBN whose career never took off” Fashion Entrepreneur Noble Igwe drags the daylight out of BBN winner Efe’s career

Fashion entrepreneur Noble Igwe has dragged the daylight out of Big Brother Naija season two, See Gobe winner, Efe Ejeba’s career, for reportedly dissing him in one of his latest tracks.

Taking to the microblogging platform, Twitter, Noble Igwe claimed he is delighted that Efe is trying to kickstart his career in music with his name. 

The angry father of two bashed the BBN winner for allegedly attacking him with his lyrics.

While dragging Efe’s career in the mud, Noble Igwe claimed Efe is the only winner of Big Brother Naija whose career never took off and was never offered a role in the Nollywood industry.

Noble Igwe tweeted: “I’m glad Efe is trying to use me to kickstart a career in music, I’m only wondering if this is the actual song or the intro ? 

I’m going to be twitting about him daily starting from today.

3 years after winning Big Brother Nigeria, Efe still can’t rap himself out a dustbin bag .

“Efe is the only winner of BBN whose career never took off, Nollywood couldn’t even offer him a role, comedians didn’t see him useful enough for a skit.
How can you be a winner yet so uninspiring?

“We have all agreed that Efe is talentless but he’s also whack, that’s why ex housemates don’t invite him to anything

“Efe will have you thinking the DSTV/Mnet Nigeria don’t pay the winners.
May another of your kind never happen to us again.

“Don’t take my word for it, ask yourself, why by was Efe not invited to the Roundtable with ex-housemates?
He’s a weak guy with even a weaker non-non-existing music career.”

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