The NKST Church Will Not Loose Sleep Over Attack From Daughters Of Jezebel And Reckless Sons Lucifer

Go to hit night clubs in Benue and do your weddings, NKST have their rules and must be respected.
I write in response to an evil looming over the social media space in an attempt by children of the dark to cast aspersions on nkst for simply setting out the rules that guides the church.
All over the world including the accient days of the bible, the church have never been a place for jokers, the church in laudecia had its standard different from that of the Philadelphians.
Let me bring this to your notice
Few years ago, a lady dressed almost half naked came to NKST Church Wadata to worship on a wedding day, she got in early before she was spotted by men of the boy’s brigade, when she was advised to go out of the church and cover her shabby breast that were almost falling off, she replied ” i dont worship with NKST, i am a catholic i only came here for wedding”
The above statement from that daughter of Jezebel is one that took over many of our ladies who deliberately came to nkst to undermine our set rules
And so NKST Sinod Met
They considered so many of this attempts targeted at undermining our church and brought this rule that before you wed, your train must be of NKST breed, this was done not to undermine a church but just so as to have a crowd they can control.
This law is sent over all nkst churches even the ones in rome.
A groom is expected to bring all his train to the church on a friday before the elders for scrutiny, but they refuse to do this only to pack their loosely dressed friends, high on alcohol belonging to other denominations to come and march a wedding thinking the Pastors or elders will understand.
NKST is not going back on their rules even if you are a daughter to the pope, in NKST you must observe our rules to the later, we are not looking for number, infact NKST has never printed flyers looking for membership, we are only concerned about the few who are ready to worship the lord both in spirit and truth.
You can go to the Benue Hit night clubs and do your weddings, there you can appear as you like, in NKST the standard is for you to appear decent and you must be a member of our church to march a wedding, this to me is not too much to be respected.
You can cast aspersions on the church as you so wish or better still report the matter to the highest deity in your own denominations or cubicle where you worship.
But NKST will not change to accommodate nonsense.

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