Game Of Thrones' final season is Here (Watch Video)

It’s been nearly two years since HBO decided to announce the premiere date of Game Of Thrones’ seventh season with a torturous Facebook video in which commenters could type “fire” to activate a blowtorch that would slow—very, very slowly—melt a giant ice block. The whole thing took over an hour, and that’s with whoever was running the video eventually decided to just run the flames constantly, making the eventual reveal of the premiere date feel very anticlimactic. Tonight, considering that this is the last time HBO will ever be able to announce the premiere date of a Game Of Thrones season, the premium cable network decided to do something much less frustrating by just dropping a new teaser that features the premiere date: April 14.
We have been hearing for a while that the season would premiere at some point in April, but it’s nice to finally know exactly when in April we can look forward to watching more of our favorite characters tragically die and/or develop the ability to teleport anywhere they want in the world when the plot demands that they be in a certain place at a certain time.
This announcement comes after we’ve spent the last few years hearing all sorts of exciting things about what would happen in Game Of Thrones’s next—and final—season, with HBO’s CEO recently saying that the final episodes are so big, so thrilling, so expensive that watching them will be like watching “six movies.”,  Quickly watch the thriller for the final season below,  while we wait for the main movie to drop April 14th. 
Watch The Video Below: 

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